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DOT LIGHT: The most CREATIVE and CUSTOMIZABLE led light you’ve ever seen! With USB charger+ DOCK STATION+ picture holder+ pen holder+..

Best designed Led Lamp with built-in usb charger, made in Milan. It’s high-tech yet sleek and refined design combined with it’s space saving multifunctions makes, DOT LIGHT, the perfect solution everywhere.


UNOEMEZZO: The Best and most romantic T-shirt Family Collection Made in Milan

From the love that binds the family, from the idea of having a fun total look was born the “UNOEMEZZO” concept, where we have identified the adult with number “1” and the child with “1/2” or the newborn as “1/4”. We offer awesome t-shirt Family Collections with unique and creative Family Concepts: each Family can have a King, a Queen, a Little Prince or a Little Princess with the Unoemezzo Dynasty Collection. Why not dream once in a while?


THE ORIGINAL SOUND: when the life perception originates.

“Original” is meant as the departure point, the moment in which our perception of life originates, our primordial memory. “The original Sound” equals the instant in which we start having fetal memory, at the moment when our perceptions start developing. It is like going back to our origins, as a way to go back over the phases that bring us from the development of the fetus until birth. ‘THE ORIGINAL SOUND” helps mothers in their work of communication with their child, reconstructing in a small part – the acoustic one – his primordial self- confidence and bringing him in a universal world without fear.


The BEST MULTITASKING Wearable Support for Mobile Devices! Change the way to HOLD YOUR SMARTPHONE, TABLET and GOPRO camera and get 2 EXTRA HANDS!

With this tool, videoconference becomes easy and comfortable, and so does reading,watching videos and much more. The device can be used in a standing position, as well as while laying down or sitting.
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HOLHO: The Easiest and Coolest way to make HOLHO-grams !

Thanks to HOLHO COLLECTION your smartphones and tablets will become amazing holographic players! With a beautiful optical illusion.. The Holho line is available both in standard and custom design models. Holho Collection has SMART units up to 10”or BUSINESS units up to 65”. All our products are made with finest materials, with cutting edge working processes and top level design.Each mobile device can be transformed in a holographic projector!


Inspired by Pippa’s gift to William and Kate you can have your own baby’s hands and feet cast out of a precious metal of your choice! “GIFT LIKE A PRINCE”. The Jewel that Captures the Unique and Unrepeatable Magic of a Moment of Love.  With “Gift Like a Prince” you Have a Way to Preserve in Time the In-Prints of a Loved one, or your Puppy’s paw Print, replicating their Shape, Dimensions and Natural feel by Means of a Molding Process.


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#SAVEOURCLEANWATER is a “ECO” project , it can help everyone to do a little something for the planet , the idea is simple and very efficient.
#SAVECLEANWATER is informing all citizens about an habit some people have: to throw away the used oil. One liter of used oil can pollute 1 million liters in the aquifer. Shocking isn’t it? If we can inform everyone about this horrible habit we can contribute to save our planet. Let’s start from our town and be a good example for everyone!